About Diana DeLucia Photography

Diana found a niche in Corporate Portrait Photography when she redefined her photography of the Basic Corporate Headshot. There was a need in the market to give executives more personal attention, more poses, and more images to select from thus giving them more control. Seeing the images during the photographic process has helped executives realize the importance of the time and energy they give to Diana during the shoot, they can find what they do or don’t like about their look immediately and together work on making adjustments. The Basic Corporate Headshot is used in so many instances, on the company website, marketing materials, the media and even audio visual presentations at large meetings and events. It’s easy to underestimate its importance.

Environmental Photography for Law Firms became a popular assignment for Diana when Law Firms wanted a unique presence on the web that only customized photography would give their website visitors. Environmental photographs can help prospective and current clients recognize you when they visit and give them a feeling of familiarity and comfort. These images,usually on the home page, can also be intergrated throughout the firms marketing materials.

Food Photography is a passion for Diana and she has photographed the food of many of the world’s finest chefs, including Daniel Boulud, Eric Ripert, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Gordon Ramsay, Charlie Trotter, Tetsuya Wakuda, Nobu and many more. She sees food as an art form that is delicious, sexy and very visually stimulating. Diana knows that all Restaurants need top notch photography of their menu, interiors and staff. The photography should be a very important part of the marketing budget. The customer will judge your restaurant on the images you present in your marketing and media materials. Diana also realises that Restaurant budgets vary and has created Restaurant Packages to suit most budgets.

Product Photography is all about grabbing attention, making the product seem desirable. It is a proven fact that one stimulating image will sell many more products than an average or amateur looking image and yet so many businesses scrimp on the photography of the very thing they are trying to sell. Your business will grow, with the use of better photographs to sell your products. You have about 3 seconds to entice the customer and great photographs will do that. Often people won't even look at your site if the pictures are not professional, they will think you have no budget thus are not a viable risk for an online purchase. Click to view Product Photography Pricing.

Diana recently completed a cookbook titled Nirmala’s Edible Diary, (Chronicle Books), that was published in December 2009 and will embark on a book project of her own in 2010.

Diana Delucia Photography is Certified by the State of Connecticut Supplier Diversity Program as a Women Owned Small Business Enterprise.

Food and Restaurant Photography
Product Photography
Interiors and Exteriors
Corporate Photography
Book Photography (cookbooks, culinary books, book covers)
Pro Bono considered for Charity projects.